We were asked to assist with a beautiful two-storey extension on this Victorian detached house. The client’s vision was to create fluid connections between three parts of the house for use by the family. Our designs expanded the ground floor kitchen, opening out onto a large new outdoor decking area, with a new stairwell leading down into the basement.

Previously unusuable, our designs helped them turn the underground space into a large playroom, ensuring a contemporary aesthetic that was still sympathetic to the original Victorian structure.

Copper BeechesS

APL were enlisted to assist with the refurb of a large detached Victorian property, Wilkinson House. Previously used as part of a care facility, the five-bedroom, three-bathroom structure had been repeatedly repurposed and modified, and part of our job was to reinstate balance and a sense of coherence to the internal layout.

As part of the same job we advised on the removal of other outbuildings in the spectacular grounds, designing several new properties to stand in their place - three detached houses, each with three floors.

Situated in the picturesque village of Elworth, right in the centre of Sandbach, these spectacular new houses have five bedrooms and four bathrooms, with rear facing views of the local cricket club.


APL were commissioned to design ten semi-detached townhouses to sit in the  centre of Sandbach. The site was an extension of an existing housing estate, carrying on into plots left vacant by the original developer.

The project required us to carefully model our new designs on the feel of the originals, working with the local authority to ensure continuity across the sites. The family houses we designed each have four bedrooms, and now comprise a natural and successful continuation of the estate.


This project was a labour of love for the new owners and APL were tasked with converting the house back from flats into a family home. The conversion included full internal works, a ground floor extension and a full ground floor remodel. Period design features were carefully and tastefully maintained, whilst more contemporary additions were added to complement, such as the roof lantern in the dining area and floor to ceiling windows.

Additional to the full works on the main building, an additional exterior  building was commissioned as another socialising space.